Why Tiroche?

Tiroche was founded in 1992 and is the largest and most successful auction house in Israel. Tiroche has achieved record prices for paintings by Reuven Rubin, Nachum Gutman, Yosl Bergner, Samuel Bak, Yochanan Simon, Naftali Bezem, Lea Nikel and Others.

Tiroche was appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice as the sole auction house for auctioning the estates and dignitaries gift owned by the state, including items gifted to famous Israeli politicians such as Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. Important major Israeli collections chose Tiroche to auction their estates including: the Israel Museum – Jerusalem, Estate of the Baronness Batsheva De Rothschild, IDF Disabled Veterans Organizations, Estate of Itzhak Rabin, Estate of Abba Eban, Estate of Golda Meir, Estate of Teddy Kollek, David ben Gurion Foundation and Jewish National Fund.

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